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In August of 2019, a few unpaid Tweets and Black Twitter changed the Popeyes brand forever.

20+ other brands have since entered The Chicken Wars.

42% rise in sales

300% rise in store visits.

8 billion impressions worth $87 million

Grand Effie, Cannes x6, One Show x4,
AICP x2, AdAge #2 Marketer of the Year
and more

Made with friends at GSDM

“Popeyes Declared World Domination.”

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“The Stuff of Internet Legend.”

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Bring Your Own Bun Stunt
When Popeyes sold its entire 10-week supply of Chicken Sandwich in just 8 days, we needed to do something to keep people talking while we restocked. So we offered up a BYOB option—bring your own bun.

“Remarkably Brilliant.”

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“Truly Some Incredible Marketing.”
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